Frequently Asked Questions

Are my pieces dishwasher/microwave safe?

Yes! Everything is dishwasher and microwave-safe. They are made for repetitive, daily use. As with all pottery, you can prolong their life by hand washing and drying.

Do you ship?

Yes, we ship small and large orders. We use USPS and UPS.

My pots arrived broken!

Please email us at with some photos of the box and broken pieces. We're happy to replace anything that broke in transit.

What glazes do you use, and are they food safe?

All our glazes are made without lead or cadmium, ensuring a food-safe surface.

Will my set all match perfectly?

No! But that's what separates us and other potters from factory-made ceramics! The handmade nature of our pottery allows for slight inconsistencies in shape and size. If you order a piece now, and in a year you would like to order another to make it a set, we also can't guarantee they will match. Batch to batch our pieces won't always match because over time our shapes can slightly change!

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes we do! Please contact us!

How long will my order take?

Pieces are often made to order so they will be shipped between 3 and 4 weeks. Some pieces are on hand or ready to be glazed and will be shipped sooner.